Change for Meters

The Easton Main Street Initiative is launching a We Make Change for Meters program. It’s pretty basic: Main Street will provide attractive window signs promoting the program to customers if businesses will provide the quarters.

Why Change is Good
This program is in response to several downtown customer comments that quarters for parking meters are not always readily available for those who want to park and shop or dine downtown. If a customer sees a sign in a store window offering to make change for meters, that simple act of kindness will go a long way toward making them feel welcome. It sends the message, “we’re glad you chose downtown Easton!” This program will be publicized in the local newspapers and serve as another effective tool for marketing shopping and dining in downtown.

The Benefits of Change
Some businesses are already benefiting from making change. One store not only happily gives change, but also provides a bounce-back coupon, creating a high level of customer satisfaction considering it’s only a 5-second transaction. Alternately, the frustration and embarrassment of not being able to plug a meter in a timely fashion is something we’d like all of our customers to avoid.

Click here to download a printable sign to place in your storefront, or call 610-330-9940 to have a sign supplied for you.