Door Poems

Easton Main Street Call for Door Poems

Local writers: We seek short, original poems to adorn the back doors of Downtown Easton properties.

Three local building owners have agreed to offer their doors as the sites for publication of short original poems that follow these guidelines:

  • Maximum length = 32 words of 8 lines or fewer
  • No minimum length
  • Poems submitted must be original work and legible
  • Free verse and formal poems both welcome
  • No more than 2 poems submitted by any one author
  • Poems need not be in English only
  • Provide clear contact information for the author, preferably email

Deadline for all submissions: Monday, April 30, 2018, postmark OR Midnight, Monday, April 30, 2018, email

  • Authors of the 3 poems chosen will receive an honorarium of $100.
  • Each poem will be installed by volunteers using stencils and paint, working under guidance from the Easton Main Street Design committee.
  • Following installation of the poems, all rights revert to their authors.

Download the submission guidelines form HERE

Location: 5 North Bank Street; door is located between Just Around the Corner and the entrance to the above apartments

Dimensions: 42″ wide x 78″ high

Location: 100 South Third Street; “windows” and “doors” are located along the Ferry Street side of the building; there is an opportunity for the poem to be longer in length and continue through the five bricked-in window spaces; poets are encouraged to visit the site for inspiration

Location: 42 North Third Street; wall is along the narrow drive between the doctor’s office and Sweet Girlz Bakery (Currently vandalized, we hope this public art project helps to curb further incidents. Please note, a protective paint will be added to this poem to ensure its protection should there be additional graffiti attempts.)

Questions or email submissions to:

For inspiration or ideas, please visit:

Completed Doors

“The Beautiful” by Lee Upton

“Falling Stars” by Taylor Garrison

“Easton” by Liuba M. Yarmie