1. First, go to to find if your business is already in the Citysearch system by searching with your business name in Easton, PA.

2. If your business comes up, click “Claim Business,” enter your information, and select “Claim Today” (If your business does not show up, continue to step #6)

3. Enter your business information and be sure your phone number is correct, then continue on to the next screen.

4. Citysearch (aka Citygrid, their parent company) needs to verify that you are at that phone number. Click “Call to Verify” and they will call you with an automated message and give you a verification code. Enter that code, agree to the terms, and click “Submit”

5. You are now verified with Citysearch and can edit your business profile in their business dashboard. Select “Profile Content” to complete your business profile.

6. You have the option to promote your business on Citysearch, but that is a paid option and you can use it or not at your own discretion.

7. If your business is not already in their system, there is a manual process to request that they add it: Send the following information to

a. Business name

b. Address

c. Phone number

d. Web address

8. It takes them 3-5 days to create the listing and then 2 weeks before it’s searchable on their website. You will receive an email when your business is listed.