“Christian Bixler: His Role in Easton’s Politics, Business, and Philanthropy”

Date(s) - 05/17/2014
1:00 pm

Sigal Museum




Christian Bixler III arrived in Easton from Reading, PA, in 1785 at the age of 22 to begin his own business in a town that was growing as a center of commerce in a large Northampton County. He had been an apprenticed clockmaker and silversmith and had an entrepreneurial spirit. His shop-homestead was at the NE corner of Northampton and Bank Streets, one-half block west of Centre Square. He and Catherine Opp were married four years later, raised a large family, and contributed their talents and leadership in many ways to the commercial, organizational, and political well-being of a growing and successful Easton community. Six (6) generations of Bixler families continued the business for 220 years in downtown Easton.

Philip Bixler Mitman is the 6th generation from Christian 3rd. He joined the family Bixler jewelry business in 1968 and began an active community leadership rolse as did his great-great-grandfather. Phil also served as Easton’s mayor twice, 1980-84 and 2004-2008. He has done professional and community fundraising; been the CEO of Lehigh Valley Development Corp. Currently back in Easton, he serves as Executive Director of Easton Area Industrial Land Developers, whose mission is to help bring and finance businesses in the Renaissance of Easton’s downtown Historic District.