Heart & Soil: “Farmland Preservation in Northampton County”

Date(s) - 06/14/2014
1:00 pm

Sigal Museum




Heart & Soil: “Farmland Preservation in Northampton County,” Maria Bentzoni, Administrator, 1 pm

Despite the proliferation of city borders and suburban developments into open country, Northampton County has successfully preserved more than 120 farms and more than 12,300 acres as open space–both of which contribute to the quality of life for county residents. As Maria Bentzoni, Administrator of the Northampton County Farmland Preservation program, she has created a successful bulwark against the loss of 728,700 acres of agricultural land to development between 1982 and 2007. In her presentation she will show the advantages of protecting local farms, from providing fresh food on tables and in restaurants to more encompassing economic health via farm and farm-related businesses. She will make citizens aware of the efforts they must make in preserving farmland and open space.