Sigal 4th Birthday

Date(s) - 08/09/2014
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Sigal Museum




10 am – 12 pm  Children’s mini workshops on Pa-German barn signs, with Larry Brown, art teacher,

free, on the sidewalk.

10 am – 4 pm   PEEPabration! – PEEP-centered activities for kids of all ages. PEEPmobile on site.

1 pm  “There’s a Cow in My Backyard: The Koehler Family of Bethlehem Township,”  Paul Ricciardi,

Golden Pepper Productions documentary.  Members of the Koehler family, whose farm was

established in the mid-18th  century, have literally seen Bethlehem Township build up around

them. Cornfields and cattle pastures are now surrounded by housing developments and busy

roads. How has the family adapted? How has the farm endured for nine generations? How has

everyone learned to coexist? The film explores the answers.

2-4 pm Hand-spinners Mary McGuire and Jean Sattler will interact with visitors explaining spinning

techniques, old and new, and the ways present-day spinners put this skill to use. They will

describe the virtues of wool fibers in their demonstration.

4 pm  Signing of the Treaty of Renewed Friendship with the Lenape Nation of PA. The public is

welcome to the signing. As they journey down the river, the Lenape will carry a Treaty of

Renewed Friendship to be signed by the Lenape and a number of organizations: environmental

groups, churches, historical societies, and sincerely committed individuals, who wish actively to

support the Lenape and to partner as caretakers of the traditional Lenape homeland and each