The Girlie Show Art Extravaganza

Date(s) - 09/14/2013
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Suddenly Samantha




The Girlie Show Art Extravaganza
In A Threefold Degree : And So Is The Number Fourteen

Curated By: Jessica Jones
Hosted By: Suddenly Samantha

Our Girlie Show will now see it’s third year in succession!

This show will feature 14 feline artists and a night to remember!
I would love to bring to 2013, both new and revisited best-selling artists. If you missed out on last year’s epic extravaganza, now is your chance to come and celebrate art and music with us!

The lovely ladies who are showing
Artworks(in no specific order) are:
Katelyn Roof
Kirielle Smith
DeAnn Desilets
Ana Maria Hamilton
Amber Krebs
Kristen Barnes
Jessica Echevarria
Mosaic Mary
Lisa Stefanelli
Maryann Riker

Natasha Morales
Alison Bessesdotter
Gina Creazzo
…and our very own Jessica “Jet” Jones

Our friend Bryson R Klus will be serenading you with his guitar!
* * so make sure you throw some dollar bills in his skivvies: )* *

There will be light refreshments too!

Please feel free to throw some love into the “Tip Jar” to help Suddenly Samantha keep this great tradition of celebrating music and art alive in the Lehigh valley.