“The Horner Cemetery and its Distinguished Residents”, Peggy Moser

Date(s) - 06/01/2014
2:00 pm

Sigal Museum




Horner’s cemetery is located in the heart of the Birthplace of Northampton County. Craig’s Irish Settlement was established in 1728, 13 years before the Moravians, and 24 years before the founding of Northampton Co. in 1752. It is the first permanent settlement in county. This pre-revolutionary war cemetery is among the most valuable of archaeological and historic resources in Northampton Co. It shows evidence of settlement patterns, burial practices, cultural and religious influences, economic development, social relationships, and provides family genealogy.

Horner’s Cemetery represents the only reminder of such an important and influential group of people. It is also a public space available for the community as a place of solitude contemplation, and reflection while learning about the history of the birthplace of our county. Stories about the residents include, a French & Indian War veteran, the Surveyor General of PA and the Penn Families’ surveyor, and the owner of the Friendship Tree and a personal friend of George Washington. Also included are members of the Congress & Constitutional Convention, the Surgeon General of the ship Montgomery, the founders of 2 local towns and 2 townships, the wife of the 1st cleric killed in the Revolutionary War, the owner and builder of Fort Ralston,  post and paymasters, as well as the namesake of Palmer Township and members of the early county legal system.