“There’s a Cow in My Backyard: the Koehler Family of Bethlehem Township,” Paul Ricciardi Documentary

Date(s) - 07/13/2014
2:30 pm

Sigal Museum




Members of the Koehler family, whose farm was established in the mid-18th century, have literally seen Bethlehem Township build up around them. Cornfields and cattle pastures are now surrounded by housing developments and busy roads. How has the family adapted? How has the farm endured for nine generations? How has everyone learned to coexist?  Paul Ricciardi, founder of Golden Pepper Productions, explores these questions in this documentary.

Contact with Koehler family is Dennis Koehler  484.357.2629.

Graduate of PSU with BA in Film and Video, Ricciardi formed Golden Pepper Productions, Inc. to serve a wide range of clients. His services include marketing videos, web videos, and documentaries (he produced A Lasting War for Bethlehem’s South Side Film Festival).