12 Things You Can Do to Increase Your Sales Using Your Computer Without Spending a Penny

Staying ahead of technology trends is very important in maintaining a business. Here are some helpful hints to aide you in that process.

  1. Create an email list signup sheet at your register and directly ask your customers to provide their email address and birthday
  2. Send a weekly email or newsletter with information about new products and special events
  3. Send an email to customers during the month of their birthday, offering them a special gift or a coupon
  4. Send a personalized thank you email after each purchase the customer makes reinforcing the great customer experience they had at your location
  5. Send emails and reminders celebrating odd holidays and events such as “National Ice Cream Day”
  6. Send email-only discounts and specials for customers to remind them of your store
  7. Send an email with a weekly trivia contest with questions about your merchant location
  8. Create a page on Facebook
  9. Create a page on Twitter
  10. Post videos about your customers and store on YouTube
  11. Create a profile on LinkedIn
  12. Encourage your clientele and regular customers to rate your business and provide reviews to websites such as Yelp and TripMaster

For those of you willing to invest, a business website is easy and relatively inexpensive to do. Taking the time to do a little research and finding a site builder and domain name that fits you and your budget is worth the effort! More and more people are using the web to find travel and shopping information. Let your website be among those that people use to explore Easton!